Coffee & Food

Bespoke caffeine fixes ~ Coffee is personal. We’ll make your coffee exactly how you like it, using freshly ground illy espresso. We have an exceptionally tasty hot chocolate, coffee flavours, decaf illy and soya milk for picky pallets.

Growling stomachs ~ We’re a humble brunch & lunch bar, with generous sandwich habits and hearty soup tendencies. We have daily scones and pastries, daily lunch specials and a naughty treat selection.

*** TEA for £1 !!! ~ Yes, Twinnings breakfast tea, for just £1 ;-)

Breakfast Deal ~ An illy coffee, single or double shot, with a scone with butter & jam for £3.00. + 20p for a top notch pastry if you’re not one for a scone. (for non coffee lovers, ask for a freshly squeezed orange juice instead)

Lunch Deal ~ A generous homemade sandwich or roll, ‘real crisps’ and a can for £4.50 (you can swap the unhealthies for a freshly squeezed orange juice instead!)



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