Loyalty Cards!

From May 1st, to celebrate us entering our 2nd year of business, Wee Coffee Bar will be handing out loyalty cards to our favourite 😉 customers … And anyone interested in using their local independent illy coffee shop!

Please share: http://weecoffeebar.co.uk/news/ and help us spread the caffeine!

9 coffees, one free! 9 teas, one free!, 9 fresh orange juices, one free!  

Wee Coffee Bar Loyalty Cards




Happy New Year

Dear Wee Coffee Bar customers,

Happy New Year!

Wee are pleased to reach 2014, almost completing our eighth month open. Our new years resolutions are to attempt to have a holiday, and eat less leftovers!

The good news is, our £4 lunch deals remain for 2014, with no price increases on our illy coffees, teas and cakes 🙂 Come and try an espresso for £1.50, for the january dieters, it’s only 9 calories, and for the savers, a great price.

Illy espresso ~ £1.50!

Molto grazie!


Wee hot meal of the day!

Wee Coffee Bar are embracing the cold weather, with a new daily hot meal, from Tuesday to Thursday/Friday. So far we’ve had a sell out on Spanish Chorizo, red bean and shallot stew, and this week we’re having Bombay Potato to heat us up.

Prices will range between £3 and £4 depending on the ingredients. A home cooked meal, in or out, under £4? … Tasty.



We aren’t doing loyalty cards right now, as we’ve priced the coffee as fairly as possible.

However ~ For complete fun, what about this?!
A novelty T-shirt, that gives something back… 🙂
Visit our Spreadshirt Shop to have a good laugh!

Loyalty T-shirt for Wee Coffee Bar

Every 5th coffee,
Or a treat for free,
When you’re looking groovy,
In this loyal – T !

Bespoke salad for lunch?

Wee’re doing freshly made salads each day, inspired of course by a strange blast from the past – a noticeable summer.

There will be a salad selection each day throughout July and August, but we’ll happily make something special up for you, ready for lunchtime. Just pop in in the morning and let us know what you’d like.  No added charge, our salads range from £2.60 to £3.50

Some ideas?

🙂 ( P ) Tuna fish, drizzled with olive oil and ground pepper, with free-range sliced egg, asparagus and black olives on fresh salad leaves.

🙂 ( P ) Baked smoked salmon, with avocado & courgette salad, fresh lemon & ground pepper yoghurt dressing, with a free-rage egg or fresh mozzarella.

🙂 ( V ) Feta cheese & fresh coriander, avocado, fresh tomato, sun dried tomato, olives and spinach.

🙂 Brie & Chorizo, with homemade beetroot, tomato and lime salsa.

Wee Coffee Bar Salads

Wee make salads,
With flavour and with crunch,
Tell us what you fancy,
And we’ll have it made for lunch!

Help, Yelp users!

We’ve been added to Yelp, a ‘review and rate’ website and smartphone app.
If you’re a Yelp user, you can see us at the link below, or pop us a review, if you think we deserve it ;). Of course, a complimentary treat for the first Yelp helper!

Wee Coffee Bar on Yelp

Wee’re building our website!

www.weecoffeebar.co.uk is born!

After long delightful days making coffee, we’ve consumed just enough caffeine by closing time to inspire a website! And a ‘posts’ page, here, now exists for news and reviews etc. 🙂

Today’s news is that we have been found by Google and are ‘searchable and findable’, in geeky terms. Search for ‘Wee Coffee Bar’ and test us! Google are also being so kind as to send us a post card, with a secret code to put us on the map.

Being on Bing is beginning to be blingin difficult.

Is our coffee as geeky as our news?